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The ‘Birds‘ is the Deptford social pub of choice for live music, colourful banter and great selections of booze and food. Experience an eclectic range of performance every day of the week. The bar is busy and bustling place where musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and raconteurs congregate not least at the weekday happy hours 5-7pm!

Birdnest owner Joel has been busy refurbishing the interior since buying the freehold in 2015, to improve the hostel upstairs for the stream of visitors from all over the world.

He also hosts the Minesweeper Collective’s Undercurrents Gallery in the backroom of the pub. SPC supports broadband network access for the patrons and management systems, providing the best value from their legacy broadband connections and working to customising their Mazizone for Undercurrents as part of Creeknet pilot.

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